Is there a way to verify that my CBD is safe and healthy?

We recently attended a training event sponsored by Your Choice ( that covered this very topic. Our speakers were Dr. Cecilia Hillard from the Pharmacology/Neuroscience Research Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin along with Angela Prouty from Oil Beelievers.

Some of information shared included the following items to consider when purchasing or using CBD:

1. Sourcing - Know the source of your product. Where did it come from? Who certified it? Was it organic versus USDA Certified Organic? We encourage everyone to purchase their CBD from a reliable source. With purchasing CBD, it is always buyer beware.

2. Bioavailabailty - This term pertains to the ability of the CBD to get into the blood stream so that it can have the desired effect. If you are paying for the product, you would want to ensure that it is bioavailable. Some CBD products and methods only allow for 4-20% bioavailability while others can be over 50%.

3. Ingredients - Know what's in the product. There are many forms of CBD such as isolate, smart spectrum, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. Some types, like full spectrum CBD, will contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC. Other types, like the isolate, only contain the cannabinoid CBD and no other additional additives.

4. Testing - Under Wisconsin law, your CBD cannot have more than 0.3% THC. If your CBD contains more than 0.3% of THC, you possess a controlled substance and could be subject to criminal charges or policy violations in the workplace. Check with your source provider and make sure they have certificiates of testing from a credited lab to prove that the substance contains what is being advertised.

5. Drug Interactions - Dr. Cecilia Hillard stated that CBD interacts with over 300 prescription medications. We encourage all CBD users to check with their physician before using CBD because there can be adverse effects and drug interactions. For instance, people taking warfarin for blood clotting can have their drug blocked from metabolizing due to taking CBD.

CBD has promising therapeutic potential for seizure disorders, anxiety, and sleep. However, there are still dozens of clinical trials being conducted by medical professionals that are a few years out from giving us more knowledge and data on CBD.

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